What we do:

  • Health Plan Performance Analysis and Recommendations
  • Strategic Wellness Communications, Planning and Roadmapping
  • Clinical Benefit Design
  • Customized Wellbeing Programs
  • Population Health Analytics
  • Care Management Tools and Support

Developing strategies and tools within a large company enabled us to learn and operate as part of the whole.

From there, we combined that understanding of an employer’s needs with the clinical expertise required to help incorporate the wellbeing initiatives and benefit design that would provide the greatest return on investment.

Faced with the uncertainty of changes in the national health care regulations, employers are looking for innovative ways to control the rising costs of employee health benefits.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 75% of our health care spending is on people with chronic conditions, yet only 3% is spent on the prevention of those conditions.

More than ever, employers are recognizing the value of investing in programs that will promote healthy lifestyle changes, prevent disease, improve the wellbeing of their workforce and reduce health care costs.

Sources: Center for Disease Control and Prevention; American Public Health Association Our Process

Based on our experience with dozens of client populations and advanced knowledge and research, we know that programs focused on population wellbeing can lead to:

  • 27% average decrease in absenteeism due to illness
  • 26% average decrease in overall health care costs
  • 32% average decrease in worker’s compensation and disability management cost claims
Source: American Journal of Health Promotion

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