COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring Tool

Protect the health and safety of your community

A safe environment is a healthy environment! Protect your investment and put your mind at ease with inHealth’s COVID-19 modules. Our latest app development is a great and responsible way to safeguard your business and your community against the spread of this harmful and potentially deadly illness.

Using embedded algorithms based on CDC guidelines, we help you effectively identify individuals who may have been exposed to or contracted COVID-19 to support safe and healthy environments.

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Supporting and Maintaining a Safe Environment

Take the next steps in protecting the health of your community, business or organization during this critical time. Anxiety caused by the unknown can negatively impact organizations across communities, making it imperative to maintain a safe environment.

Our interactive tools will help you spot COVID-19 symptoms, target those at risk and direct you to the appropriate resources to support healthy practices in your organization.


Healthy for Work

No matter how large or small your organization is, the Healthy for Work Module makes COVID-19 screenings safer and more efficient. It directs individuals with new symptoms or possible exposure to the proper resources to reduce the risk of spreading the disease. To add a layer of safety, options include an at-the-door screening tool for secure validation or collection of symptom and exposure information.

Post-diagnosis monitoring

The Post-Diagnosis Monitoring Module supports efforts to monitor and manage individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.

Healthy Visitors

The Healthy Visitor Module extends COVID-19 safety to your visitors and customers by making the secure screening questionnaire available through a URL or QR code unique to your organization.


The COVID-19 Administrative Module supports consistent, efficient COVID-19 prevention, documentation and management processes in your community, business or organization.


Your community IS our community! inHealth supports you every step of the way based on your unique needs with an account manager, implementation services, process design, communications toolkits and more.

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Take action now to protect your employees, your business, and your community. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends all employers conduct daily health checks. This tool makes the process convenient, efficient and secure. Let us become a part of your reentry strategy.

inHealth Strategies is proud to partner with you to support COVID-19 prevention and response strategies with our symptom monitoring tools.

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