About The Innovation Institute

The Innovation InstituteThe Innovation Institute is an organization focused on transforming health care through the development of innovative new products, services, and ideas. It serves as an incubator that helps nurture ideas and brings them to market to improve care delivery, eliminate waste, and extend human life.

Think of the Institute as a type of “Shark Tank,” only a lot friendlier.

Here, we evaluate inventors’ ideas and determine the long-term potential for each concept. We walk with the inventor to obtain patents, develop prototypes, and navigate the best way to take their idea to market as a new product, license agreement, or even a new company.

Why We Exist

  • To transform care delivery.
  • To help physicians, employees, and clinicians commercialize their ideas.
  • To find new revenues sources and advance innovation.
  • To collaborate and partner with Health Systems and Industry.
  • To advance and find innovative solutions and products that help the underserved.

Learn more about The Innovation Institute at ii4change.com.

Our team is a dedicated group of clinicians and population health experts with a passion to improve health care outcomes and deliver results. Contact us today.