Customized Wellbeing Programs

inHealth will help you develop a step-by-step wellness services program that will lead your employees to better health and your company to a healthier bottom line:

  • Working with your staff, we develop a workplace profile for your company that identifies high-risk areas, assesses employer readiness and evaluates your company’s culture and unique needs.
  • We utilize our NCQA certified health risk assessments & biometric screenings for employees.
  • Lunch MeetingYour employees will receive an individual health risk report. Individualized coaching sessions are also offered in the areas of weight management, smoking cessation and pregnancy wellness.
  • The company will receive an aggregate population health risk report.
  • We work closely with your management team to develop a tailored wellness program based on data, an incentive program, education and an effective communication strategy.
  • Employees log on to our member website to learn about prevention and wellness, record exercise and track goals.
  • inHealth works with your executive team to evaluate screening results and provides recommendations to improve the health of your workforce.

Incentives & Rewards

Our rewards program is a results-based incentive program tailored to your employees’ needs and interests. For achieving specific health and lifestyle goals at year-end, participants earn points that can be used for incentives that your company determines and provides. Goals are set for achievements in exercise, participating in education programs, not using tobacco, wellness exam compliance, and healthy levels of cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure.

Engagement Tools

The inHealth team works with your team to develop informational sessions and interactive materials about the program, the benefits and incentives and how to get started. We develop engaging messages and use communications channels tailored to your employees to communicate with and engage them.

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Our team is a dedicated group of clinicians and population health experts with a passion to improve health care outcomes and deliver results.

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