Health Care Providers

What we do:

  • Health Plan Performance Analysis and Recommendations
  • Custom Wellness Business Model Development
  • Develop Competencies and Solutions for Clinically Integrated Provider Networks
  • Community Health Needs Assessments
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Clinical Benefit Design
  • Population Health Analytics
  • Care Management Tools and Support

Our strategy is simple — to help you find and extract more efficient use of resources for the benefit of the people you serve, the people you work with and the people around you.

We support you in leveraging existing foundational assets (people, processes, and technology) related to population health, care management, and wellness. We have a proven track record of successfully implementing new and innovative technologies and services to improve quality of care and care outcomes measures, reduce health plan costs, and enhance member engagement.

Patient and medical staffAnnually, hospitals spend more than 5.3 billion dollars on community benefit.  Of those community benefit dollars, only 5.3% are spent on community health improvement.  When only 10% of a person’s health outcomes are determined inside of a clinical setting, it is imperative that health systems, employers, and communities work together to find innovative solutions to optimize outcomes and reduce spend.

Developing strategies and tools within a large health system enabled us to learn and operate as part of the whole. From there, we combined that understanding of a provider’s needs with the clinical expertise required to help incorporate the wellness initiatives and benefit design that would provide the greatest return on investment.

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Sources: Center for Disease Control and Prevention; American Public Health Association

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Our team is a dedicated group of clinicians and population health experts with a passion to improve health care outcomes and deliver results.

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