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New models in healthcare can greatly benefit your employees and your bottom line.

inHealth strategies can show you how with our innovative, data-driven approach

For Corporations

Our data-driven approach analyzes how individual, cultural, and organizational factors relate to health conditions. We have a proven track record of helping each employer see what’s driving healthcare costs and how to realize savings. By analyzing a company’s workplace profile, we customize interventions to engage its employees and meet its business needs.

For Communities

Government reports regularly isolate communities with the worst outcomes on various measures. Innovative leaders seek to attack the problems head-on with comprehensive community-wide partnerships and programs. Our ability to build and lead coalitions of employers, healthcare providers, and municipal programs makes inHealth the natural partner for a community looking to improve the health outcomes of its citizens.

For Providers

inHealth has partnered with health systems and providers across the country to develop systems of care that improve outcomes and reduce cost—from private-labeled well-being programs to clinical integration. In addition, we have helped our partners develop sustainable business models for well-being delivery throughout their service areas to broaden their population health and community benefit efforts.

Illuminating Data With Visible Results

Our strategy is simple — to help you find and extract more efficient use of resources for the benefit of the people you serve, the people you work with and the people around you.

We support you in leveraging existing foundational assets (people, processes, and technology) related to population health, care management, and well-being. We have a proven track record of successfully implementing new and innovative technologies and services to improve quality of care and care outcomes measures, reduce health plan costs, and enhance member engagement.

Annually, hospitals spend more than 5.3 billion dollars on community benefit.  Of those community benefit dollars, only 5.3% are spent on community health improvement. When only 10% of a person’s health outcomes are determined inside of a clinical setting, it is imperative that health systems, employers, and communities work together to find innovative solutions to optimize outcomes and reduce spend.

Investing in Health Provides Returns

Studies show that employers can benefit by helping employees improve their health.

Source: Health Affairs and Harvard University Dash Repository

Average Decrease In Health Care Costs For Every Dollar Spent On Well-being Programs
Average Decrease In Productivity Costs Associated With Absenteeism For Every Dollar Spent On Well-being

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Our team is a dedicated group of clinicians and population health experts with a passion to improve health care outcomes and deliver results.

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