Program Year 2024

The wellpower team is ready to support your wellbeing journey!

Earn Rewards!

New this year! All team members can earn rewards by completing wellpower health activities and education courses.

To track your reward points, follow these steps: 
  • Check the list of activities by clicking here or visiting the Rewards page in the inHealth app or portal.
  • Earned points will be displayed next to each completed activity.
  • Points can be reported through three methods:
    • Self-attestation on the Health Tracking page.
    • wellpower health coaches will enter points for program referrals.
    • Enroll and complete any of the challenge goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

wellpower is a comprehensive voluntary health and wellbeing program provided by Stormont Vail Health to give you the tools and support you need to live your healthiest life!

wellpower mission

When it comes to our health, there are aspects within our control and outside of our control. Our goal is to help manage those aspects within our control through delivering valid information, offering support and helping provide the extra accountability that so many of us need. We believe a healthy lifestyle does not include absolute thinking; rather, it is about finding a balance that works for each individual.

We encourage those we coach to focus on eating whole foods and less prepackaged foods, but sometimes you have to give yourself the freedom to enjoy the foods you love and not feel guilty about it. To achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is not necessary to train for a body building competition or marathon, but it is important to move more and sit less.

Our ultimate goal is to help those we coach experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle such as increased energy levels and simply feeling better. Numbers on the scale tell a small part of the story, but the scale cannot measure feelings and emotions. Our focus is on you and your journey, because the work to live a healthier life does not end, it changes, just as people do.

Embrace the value of prioritizing your health and wellbeing! Designed for ALL TEAM MEMBERS and SPOUSES on the health plan, wellpower is offering a program to support you in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Access a range of year-round programs, classes, and resources to enhance your physical, emotional, social, and financial wellbeing. Participate and earn up to 1,000 wellpower points, unlocking fantastic prizes and rewards.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete health-focused activities.
  • Earn points for each activity.
  • Every 10 points equals 1 drawing entry; 1,000 points are up for grabs!
  • Track your points and progress in the inHealth mobile app or portal.
  • View the Full Rewards Flyer for more information!

Get started earning your wellbeing points with just a few easy steps!

New Members:

Account Creation:

  • Tap or click on “Create Account.”
  • Enter our company ID: SVH
  • Fill in the required information, including the last 6 digits of your SSN.
  • Click “Create” to complete your account setup.
  • Start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today with easy access to our wellbeing resources right at your fingertips!

Your privacy is important to us. All personal health information received through wellpower is stored and managed in a safe, secure and confidential manner. Your Human Resources team will not have access to any of your medical records.

Have any questions?

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