Reporting Access Types
Generate a report

Reporting access includes integrated role-based provisioning to allow for more appropriate access to specific reports while maintaining participants’ privacy. Admin users can be provisioned for more than one reporting type.

Admin Reporting includes reports to support wellbeing program leadership. 

  • Audit Logins
  • Audit Questionnaire Viewed
  • Audit Questionnaire Updated
  • Audit Screening Viewed
  • Audit Screening Updated
  • Audit HRA Viewed
  • Audit Health Coach Viewed
  • Audit Email Updated
  • Screenings with Hire Date
  • Test Accounts
  • Provisioned Access

PHI Reporting gives access to reports that contain participant PHI.

  • Health Tracking
  • Medical Director Review
  • HRA and Screening Data

Status Reporting includes reports allowing a provisioned user to monitor program status without access to participant PHI. Status reports can be shared with leadership in departments such as Human Resources without violating data privacy protections.

  • Operations Utilization
  • Unsubmitted Screenings (Saved but not submitted)
  • Eligibility File
  • Screening Status by Questionnaire Date
  • Users
  • Challenges Enrolled

COVID-19 Reporting includes reports specific to COVID-19 monitoring and management. 

Please follow the below process to generate reports for your program.

1. Navigate to Reports Builder on the left hand menu of the Admin Portal.

2. Choose the Company from the dropdown menu.

3. Choose a Report from the dropdown menu.

4. Enter a Start Date and End Date. Note: reporting date ranges are limited to a maximum of 1 year per run. To access data for a timespan greater than 1 year, run the report multiple times changing the date ranges as needed.

5. Payroll ID, Last Name and First Name

  • Leave all three fields empty to return data for the entire population.
  • Enter any combination of these fields to return data for an individual(s).

6. Click Run Report

The data will return on screen in dashboard format. Up to 500 lines of data are displayed per page.

  • Click Get Count to display the total number of lines of data that has been returned. 
  • Click Next or Previous to navigate through pages of returned data.  
  • Click Export to Excel to download the data as an Excel Spreadsheet to your computer. Exporting will download data to your computer. It is your responsibility to keep any downloaded data secure.