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Sports Drinks vs Water for Children

Many people use sports drinks before, during, or after an activity; however, if you aren’t exercising intensely or are exercising for less than one hour, water is your best choice. Children and teens use carbohydrates for energy. A balanced diet gives most children and teens the carbohydrates and electrolytes they need. Extra carbohydrates and electrolytes […]

Jazz up your fruit salad!

Looking for a special treat to beat this summer’s heat? Not only is this salad full of hydrating fruits, it also gives the perfect balance between tangy and sweet! Serve this savory salad and keep you and your family hydrated this summer. To make ahead, prepare the syrup and clean and chop the fruit and […]

Eat your water!

Water is the best drink choice to stay hydrated because it’s usually free and has no sugar or calories. Most healthy people can get enough fluid through the beverages they consume every day. But did you know that you could get your daily water requirements to stay hydrated through food? Some fruits and vegetables are high in […]

Beat the heat this summer!

We all look forward to the summer months and fun in the sun. As you and your family get outside to enjoy the weather, follow these tips to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke: Very high body temperatures could cause damage to the brain or other vital organs. People at greatest risk for heat-related illness […]

Maintain a Healthy Weight

It is important to look for savory substitutes to help against obesity and the problems that come with it.  Traditionally, nutritious snacks couldn’t compare to junk food when someone had a sweet tooth or craving.  However, eating fruits and veggies can be just as satisfying for everyone looking to maintain a healthy weight. Here are […]

Stand Up and Burn Calories!

Did you know that sitting at your desk all day can be just as bad for your health as smoking? According to Harvard Medical School, even if you exercise regularly, a desk job minimizes the health benefits of your workouts. Compared to sitting, standing burns slightly more calories — about 0.15 calories per minute. But […]